What makes SERVD so different from other games for couples?

So, you've probably stumbled upon the viral sensation called SERVD. Forbes and Oprah approved, the yellow and black card game has undoubtedly infiltrated your social media feed. But what exactly sets SERVD apart from the sea of other couples games? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to spill the tea.

The real-life card game that just gamified everything your kids love to hate! So basically, chores, homework and anything to do with the word ‘vegetable’.

Imagine if there was a card game that gamified kids chores, homework, bedtime and even got them to eat their veggies!...

Top 5 Cards To Play On Christmas Day!

SERVD is 2021’s Ultimate stocking stuffer awarded by Santa himself. Turning everyday scenarios into actions in a car...


When it comes to games for couples, SERVD is pretty unique in that you can very much suit the game to your relations...

A lockdown love story... Martin VS Lizzy

A big shoutout to everyone who's currently in lockdown.As the days roll into months for some of us, you'd be forgive...

Behold SERVD, The Ultimate Self-Isolation Card Game To Play W/ Your Partner Or Roomie

See the Pedestrian TV article here: Has your partner or roomie started annoying the absolute shit out of you dur...

Take down bae this Valentine’s day. Here’s our TOP 8 cards that'll have your partner running for the hills!

Going into Valentine’s day empty-handed is a sure-fire way to end up on the couch and whilst the majority of couches...

Here’s the TOP 6 Cards your family and friends will reach for first this Christmas!

SERVD is the hilarious REAL-LIFE card game that takes everyday mundane scenarios that come up between either you and ...

Get your better half the gift that keeps on giving...back to you. If you play your cards right.

Imagine if there was a card game where you could play a card and suddenly the world around you changed. A game, that...
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