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SERVD takes everyday scenarios that would come up between you and your partner, friends or family and turns them into hilarious actions in a card game. Ultimately injecting some fun, cheekiness, and strategy into all types of situations!

SERVD is all about spontaneity and playing cards when your opponent/s least expect it. Played ongoing rather than in just one sitting, SERVD is unlike any other card game!

1. Split the deck up.
2. Agree to a timeframe.
3. Start serving away.

Cards can be played on top of each other but cannot cancel each other out.
You can’t play two cards at once without your opponent/s having the chance to refute.

If you play a card and the opposing player does not cooperate (rude), as punishment you get to eliminate one card from play in their deck and use it against them. Meaning the less you cooperate, the fewer cards you’ll have to play with.

Each card can only be played once.

Cards that are shut down are eliminated from play and cannot be used again.

So how the hell do I win?
SERVD. is a game of strategy... by the end of it, you’ll both know who’s won ;-)


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