When it comes to games for couples, SERVD is pretty unique in that you can very much suit the game to your relationship. However over the years, we’ve got a fairly good insight as to how couples play our game! Which cards they absolutely love, which cards they play first and which cards they attempt to photocopy!

With each player having 26 opportunities to force their opponent to do a variety of wonderful things, here's our hot take as to which cards players reach for first.  

The Grumpy Pants Card

Coming in fourth place we have the simple yet effective Grumpy Pants Card!

We knew this bad boy would be a hit. Why? Because no ones likes a grumpy pants, and if there is one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that asking someone who is clearly grumpy, if they’re grumpy, will only make them more grumpy. Asking them to take their pants off in that scenario takes things to a whole nother level. 

The T-Minus 10 Card

In a very close third place we have the T-Minus 10 Card!

Seems pretty universal that there is nothing fun about waiting around for your significant other to get ready… until now! 

The Pamper Me Card

Next up we have the Pamper Me Card. 

Why go to the day spa when you can bring the day spa to you. Plus, SERVD is a shit-ton cheaper than any pamper package! The quality of service might be slightly different but I'm sure your significant other will be more than open to feedback and criticism. 

And the Winner is….

The Exchange Student card!

Who-da thought that couples would have so much fun with this card?

We kinda keep this card up our sleeve but there is not a week that goes by where some poor soul isn’t ordering their Mcdonalds drive thru in some ridiculous accent. Better yet, doing it face to face in a restaurant or cafe. Only amplified when couples get super creative and move away from the traditional accents like British or Kiwi and choose accents like Pirate, Gollum or Yoda. 

There you have it folks, our top four cards that players reach for first. The ultimate couples game, SERVD will either have you running for the hills or laughing till you pee your panties! Either way it's a guaranteed mood lifter and adds even more joy, cheekiness and LOL's into your household. 

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