Top 5 Cards To Play On Christmas Day!

SERVD is 2021’s Ultimate stocking stuffer awarded by Santa himself. Turning everyday scenarios into actions in a card game here’s our TOP 6 Cards that’ll get you through Christmas Day. 

The Recipe Recital Card
You know what’s not fun about Christmas?

Cooking Christmas lunch for 32 people, half of which have weird food allergies that you're 99% sure they made up. Hand that over to your S/O with The Recipe Recital Card so you can focus on the important things. Like doing a stocktake of how many Christmas presents you have under the Christmas tree. 

The T-Minus 10 Card
If your S/O is anything like mine and goes into a mid-morning meltdown because they simply ‘Have nothing to wear’ - despite the 23 new items of clothing Santa brought them, then this card is for you! Speed up the process, using their competitiveness against them. 

The Grumpy Pants Card
If your S/O isn’t Grumpy by the end of Christmas day then was it even Christmas? Between the never ending small talk, kids that mistaking them for a jungle gym and the impending sugar crash, a moody bae is almost inevitable. So best hit em with The Grumpy pants card… afterall, there is a reason the Grinch doesn't wear pants. 

The Designated Driver Card
If there is one thing you don’t want to be on Christmas Day it’s sober. Between your 3 Aunties grilling you about why you’re not yet married to your weird uncle Greg who’s jokes are no longer socially acceptable. Booze may very well be the only thing that gets you through the day. But someones gotta drive and thanks to The Designated Driver Card it ain't you!

The Striptease Card
What better way to combat a food coma than by getting your S/O to give you and your entire extended family their best rendition of Magic Mikes ‘Pony’ Striptease performance. And the kicker? Instead of Dollar Bills you can just fire Bon Bons at them. 


The Massage Parlour Card
It’s been a day. You’re exhausted. Not because you were up till 2am quitely assembling 2 bicycles neither of which got used more than the cardboard boxes they came in but because your family is draining! So treat yourself, it’s still Christmas after all and what better way to end the day by a top to toe massage!

There you have it folks, The TOP 6 banger cards that may very well be the only thing that gets you through Christmas day in one piece. Remember SERVD is the ultimate stocking stuffer and the perfect pressie for your partner, bestie, Secret Santa's, siblings or frenemies. 

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