What makes SERVD so different from other games for couples?

So, you've probably stumbled upon the viral sensation called SERVD. Forbes and Oprah approved, the yellow and black card game has undoubtedly infiltrated your social media feed. But what exactly sets SERVD apart from the sea of other couples games? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to spill the tea.

First things first, SERVD isn't just a one-and-done kind of deal. Nope, it's a couples game that's an ongoing adventure that you and your partner can tailor to fit your schedules. Whether you're in it for a quick fling (a week, perhaps?) or you're committing to a long-term relationship (we're talking months, maybe even a year!). SERVD is played ongoing rather than in just one sitting. Making it unlike any other couples game. 

Now, let's talk simplicity. SERVD isn't here to make your head spin with complicated rules or convoluted setups. Couples just divide up the deck, agree on a timeframe, and dishing out cards whenever and whenever you need them!

From stealing your partner's food with The Food Envy Card (because let's be real, their dish always looks better) to challenging them to get ready in under 10 minutes with The T-minus 10 Card (can they pull it off? The suspense is real!). SERVD’s game for couples covers every scenario you can think of.

 Feeling like your relationship needs a little spark? Cue The Date Night Card and The Weekend Warrior Card, your tickets (or should we say cards) to unforgettable evenings filled with laughter and love with this couples game. 

And for those, ahem, "dry spells" that life tends to throw your way, there's The Pamper Me Card and The Strip Tease Card (just be sure to wait until the kiddos are asleep... shh!)—this couples game is perfect for spicing things up.

But wait, it gets spicier. The Bedroom Bandit Card is your passport to exploring all those fantasies you've been keeping tucked away, making this the perfect game for couples. Just remember to have spare keys and a safe word on standby! 😉

Oh, and did I mention this couples game also has a bunch of blank cards for you to unleash your creativity? The possibilities are endless!

So there you have it, folks. SERVD isn't just a game—it's a relationship revolution. So grab your partner, split the deck, and get ready for the ride of your lives with this couples game. It’s the perfect gift for him, for her or even an anniversary present, no matter how long you’ve been together. 

Trust me, you won't regret it.

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