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SERVD is the hilarious new real-life card game, turning everyday scenarios into ruthless actions that will push your friendships, test your relationship and have your opponent running for the hills. FUN!

THE GAME: Play a card to summon your BFF to return something of yours they borrowed months ago, play another to have them be your +1 at a social event where you both know no one. Alternatively, summon them to bring you your go-to hangover food, be your personal designated driver or even heat things up by taking over each other's social media for one whole hour. BRUTAL.


  • Agree to a timeframe (E.g. a week, a month, 6 months).
  • Split the cards up with each player having their own set of unique cards.  Start dishing out cards whenever and wherever you need.
  • NOTE: Cards can be counteracted, played on top of each other and shut down making SERVD a game of strategy and careful planning. 2 Players only, Adults 18+ advised.

WHAT’S IN THE SERVD DECK? 52 life-changing cards, granting both players 26 chances to force each other into doing a variety of wonderful things. What could possibly go wrong!?

SERVD. Play or be played!


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